WORKS HEET BEAS T TOTAL BODY Date / Week Warm-Up Circuit Set 15 Reps Pull-Up R Push-Up Squat W Crunch Incline Press Bent-Over Row Reverse Alternating Lunge Plank Twist-Twist 1 1 2 Military Press Post Delt Raise RT W LT W Stiff Leg Deadlift Russian Twist Bicep Curl-Up-Hammer Down Tricep Extension-Kickback Calf Raise-Weight at Shoulder Side Forearm Plank RT R LT R Cool-Down Equipment Bench or Stability Ball Chin-Up Bar or Bands With Door Attachment Chin-Up Max and Sturdy Chair Weights...
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Good morning Chris McLaughlin Beachbody Coach talking about the body beast sheets and a little bit about the schedule and how I use them and mark them up to do my workouts so these are my sheets from the beginning when I started the little well you'll well-worn and so I printed another set about halfway through just to give you an overview what they look like when you're done it's kind of cool to look back and see that these are from like some cardio workouts the tempo ones and those are like extra or I don't know I think you only do those are the lean phase so I haven't done any of those and those are my starting measurements which I'm gonna take some more measurements today I think after I workout so about the schedule this is what comes when you buy the B tail box get the whole schedule they have a lean version which has a little more cardio it's for people who don't want to get as big or women I guess if they're worried about bulking up too much which is kind of a myth as we all know but anyway that's the lean beast for those who want to get big would also lose fat and then the huge beast for those who only care about getting big of course doing the huge beast I started November and finishing in January so I call it getting huge with segi for the holidays so built block block one or phase one build phase it's three weeks and then this is six weeks bulk phase and then beast phase so this is kind of introduction you kind of ramped up this is all bulking you eat a lot during these phases and then this you kind of cut down on your carbs you cut down your Colo calories you keep your protein and it basically mixes the workouts from the both phases so it's not on a whole new workouts here but um the sequencing is different so I'm right here on day seven of bulk shoulders day seven of Bowl phase shoulders have one more week of bulking and in the V phase so it's the end of December so I'll finish at the end of January so looking at these sheets here I wanted to go over a little about how I mark them up as I go and then also just different types of sets they have because this is new for me and I think it's pretty cool and if you haven't looked at bodybeast yet when you're done you can take a look and probably agree with me so the rotation on bulk phase is the same thing when I'm over again chest legs back arms shoulders and then rest it just goes a straight rotation without paying attention to the weekends jenny was kind of funny so even they say Sunday today is not rest day its shoulders tomorrow's rest day and in the next six days or five days so chests legs bulk sorry back arms and shoulders so you notice I write down the time of the workout so as I'm getting ready I can kind of look and then I work if there's a warm-up wait and I get that ready I also put whether or not there's the barbells involved then it bust off the barbell before I start working out because this timing this timing is like with no brakes but um I don't I find myself backing up...